Winter Storage Repair & Cleaning

All items stored with us over the winter are placed in a dry, heated, and insured facility.

Canopy Cleaning Canopy clean and store process:  

Canopies are laid out on heated floor, scrubbed with a special electric circular brush, then rinsed, hung to dry, bagged, and placed in their numbered bin.

Canopy repair process:   

At the time of removal the crew does a routine check on the condition of the canopy and thread, checking for needed canopy repair. Repairs are completed to avoid delays in the spring installation or any mid summer problems.

Battery charging and storage process:

Batteries are filled with distilled water, and trickle charged for 24 hours. They are then stored on a wooden shelf. Proper maintenance and storage will help provide maximum life of you battery. After these steps are complete and battery does not hold a charge, the battery will need to be replaced.

Motor StorageExplanation of motor storage:  

Many homeowners are uncomfortable leaving a costly item on the boat lift because they are easily removed. We remove the motor and store it securely over the winter.

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