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We are very proud of the Bradow Dock Service Staff!

All Bradow Dock Service crew members have completed the DNR’s AIS training program. Our experienced technicians are trained and certified to work on your waterfront equipment.

We have a wonderful office with staff that is happy to help!

Lonn Larson – Dock and Lift Technician Crew Leader

Kevin Peltier – Dock And Lift Technician Crew Leader

Tyler Cumberland – Dock Lift Technician

Carter Jillson – Dock Lift Technician

Dennis Lee – Truck Driver

Esiason Bartle – Dock Crew

Lathan Jillson – Dock Crew

Peter Fraune – Dock Crew

Samantha Lenk – Office

Wendy Shamp – Office

David, Julie, Alexis, Nina, and Molly Marcum

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