Installation and Removal

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Installing Or Removing Your Dock

Bradow Dock Service begins installing waterfront equipment as soon as the ice goes out. Our crew works from sun-up to sun-down to complete installation requests as quickly and efficiently as possible. Bradow Dock Service keeps an updated layout map of your waterfront equipment on file to ensure proper placement in the spring. As things settle and or shift on the lake, if adjustments to your waterfront equipment are needed, our crew is happy to follow up in order to make your setup exactly the way you want it.

When our crew removes your equipment in the fall, they neatly place your equipment in ordered, organized piles, so they are ready to install in the spring. We put notes on file regarding requests for equipment placement so that after removal your waterfront equipment is placed where you need it to be to avoid damaging landscaping, to keep your view of the lake as unobstructed as possible, and to keep paths to the lake open for winter recreational activities.

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